The aim of purpleSHEEP.co.uk is to make it as easy and economical as possible to get your companies range of products and services online, and to provide you with a fully managed service.

We handle the design, setup and hosting of your e-commerce website, we ensure that your site features all of the required products and services and we ensure that your customers are able to purchase from your site using the latest in secure payment technology by linking into leading payment service providers

Website Design and hosting

Not only will we host your e-commerce website free of charge on cutting edge secure web servers, but we will also design and build it without charging you a penny.

One of the key points that we make when designing an e-commerce website is simplicity. The whole reason that a customer is visiting your site is to buy your products, and our main aim is to make that process as easy for the customer as possible. After all, the more you sell, the better it is for us.

Each of our sites are completely custom written, right from the underlying database upwards. This way we can incorporate styles of sites that cannot be catered for by 'off the shelf' packages, or 'click and build' websites. For example, if you might find that you have some products that are only available in certain colours in one particular size, or you might want to capture extra information for personalising products.

Database hosting

Your product database will also be hosted by us free of charge, with no space restrictions and no limit to the length or complexity of product descriptions

We also provide an administration area for each site that we design, so that you can add, update or delete products from your site at any time, day or night.

Secure transaction processing

purpleSHEEP.co.uk links to a number of leading payment service providers to provide clients with access to the latest in secure online credit card transaction processing, thus providing visitors to clients websites with the option of purchasing their products online

This payment method is not only more efficient for both client and vendor, but also completely secure, as the current upward trend in online payment testifies

Vendors may require a merchant account with a major clearing bank to take advantage of this service

Additional services

Domain Registration

Search engine registration

Website design


Corporate Website Hosting

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