Frequently Asked Questions

Do you process Credit / Debit cards?

We do not process credit and debit cards ourselves. For this, we require you to have an account with a payment service provider. These are people that have secure servers on the Internet and have secure links to banks to authorise and process card transactions. Another form of payment that we can integrate with is an account based payment system such as NOCHEX or PayPal

Do I have to transfer my domain name?

It is not mandatory that you transfer your domain name to our service. We would say that it will provide a more professional look to your site if you do. There is a £50 charge to either register or transfer a domain name to us. Once a domain name is pointing to our servers we can then provide you with domain based email addresses such as info@yourcompany.com / sales@yourcompany.com

How soon can we get a site up and running?

There is currently around a three week lead time before we start work on a new site, and then it normally takes between 7 to 14 days to design your site. This process does depend greatly on the complexity of your site. As our sites are not pre-manufactured templates but are completely custom written, this does vary.

How do we update the information on our website?

For each of the websites that we design, we also include an administration area where you can log on to add, update or delete your product information any time, day or night.

How are we notified of any orders?

As soon as an order has been confirmed by your chosen payment service provider an order confirmation email is generated and one copy is sent to your customer and another is sent to yourself.



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